Thursday, October 6, 2016


The exhaust on the hearse was missing a couple sections of pipe. The exhaust was so loud, it was unbearable to drive for very long, and exhaust getting inside couldn't have been very healthy for anyone.
I had a chance to bring Julie's hearse down to the exhaust shop and get this fixed. It is a lot quieter now.
Becca demonstrates in the video below.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Loud Exhausts and Accessible Blogs

My broken exhaust is loud enough that I've been concerned that riding in the hearse for extended drives risks hearing damage.
This conversation took place regarding my blog and captioning...

Becca: "If the exhaust is being repaired, I'm going to want to post a video showing before and after, and how loud it is. How am I going to caption that?"



Me: "I don't think that works."

Jenn: "You could illustrate it. After could be you driving normally. Before could be driving with your ruptured ears bleeding."

Me: *sigh*

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tow-No! Not again!

Rebecca just brought my hearse home... on a tow truck.
The Passkey system failed. The car won't start because it thinks it's stolen. The internet says the repair would be around $1,000. That's if parts are available.
Rebecca also told me about a bypass module that makes the car work without the terrible "security" system. That would cost $300, and it would be impossible for Passkey to fail again because it will be removed. I like that idea. I hate Passkey, and I can put a much more reliable security system in.

-Julie Rae

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Scrubbing the top

My Hearse's top was filthy. Not only does that look bad, but it'll make the vinyl deteriorate. I mean, just look how gross this was.

So I got some soap, a brush, and some vinyl protectant. Look at how pretty and clean and protected it is now!

-Julie Rae

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One door lock, repaired!

I finally got that damn door lock working! Now we don't have to carry everything in with us every time!


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rear View is Ready

The Hearse came without a rear view mirror. You could see the mark in the grime where one had been though.
Well, with the curtains, and the reflections in the divider glass, a rear view mirror wouldn't be very useful.
So, I put in a rear view camera and mounted the display where the mirror would be! It's right where you'd naturally look for a mirror.

You don't quite get the true feel of just how big a hearse is until you run video cable all the way to the back!
Enjoy your rear view, Jewels!


Monday, August 15, 2016

No error lights!

All the error lights are out! Brake comes on when parked, goes out when the parking brake is released. Fasten Belts, Door Ajar, and Brake to Shift, all come on and go out at the appropriate times. All the error lights come up at start, as they should, so I know none of the bulbs are out.
It's a nice feeling to see a legitimately clear dash board. Julie was told that constant brake error light was a faulty parking brake sensor, and nothing to worry about. No, Cynthia was trying to warn us she was a death trap with imminant brake failure. Well, she's a death trap no more!

Many thanks to Modern Tire in Cheshire CT for fixing all the brake system damage for a reasonable price!

Cynthia is almost ready to take her position as our daily driver. We still have to finish repairing that door lock, and get the rear view system in place.
...and finish getting all these acorns out of here. This car is nuts! HA!