Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lies and Slime Spots

If the Diet Coke cans weren't bad enough, I've discovered someone flat out lied. I'm not sure if the seller lied, or if his mechanic lied to him. Either way, we're left holding the bag. The brake lines are shot, spraying brake fluid everywhere. That's the cause of the slime spot I found on the under carriage earlier. I checked the resivor, and it's completely dry. Not a drop of brake fluid to be found in there, and there hasn't been for a while. I'm shocked we weren't killed. When this car was sold to Julie, she was told it was ready to drive. She was told it just needed brake pads, and the seller got them done for her before she picked up the car. Now, either the seller just appeased her and knowingly sent her off on the highway with no brake fluid, or the mechanic who did the brakes ignored the fact the brake line is split and the resivor is empty and didn't give a damn if that hearse crashed.
I'm not sure which of the two are to blame, but either the seller, or the seller's mechanic, or both, did not care if Julie crashed on the way home. Since I don't know which of them deserves blame, I'm not going to name either of them. Judging by their reactions, I don't think either one is completely innocent.

So now I need to figure out what to do with this hunk of undrivable metal. I suppose step one is to see what brake lines are going to cost. I don't have enough experience to do brake lines myself. I'm not about to put lives on the line.


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