Monday, August 15, 2016

No error lights!

All the error lights are out! Brake comes on when parked, goes out when the parking brake is released. Fasten Belts, Door Ajar, and Brake to Shift, all come on and go out at the appropriate times. All the error lights come up at start, as they should, so I know none of the bulbs are out.
It's a nice feeling to see a legitimately clear dash board. Julie was told that constant brake error light was a faulty parking brake sensor, and nothing to worry about. No, Cynthia was trying to warn us she was a death trap with imminant brake failure. Well, she's a death trap no more!

Many thanks to Modern Tire in Cheshire CT for fixing all the brake system damage for a reasonable price!

Cynthia is almost ready to take her position as our daily driver. We still have to finish repairing that door lock, and get the rear view system in place.
...and finish getting all these acorns out of here. This car is nuts! HA!


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